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The group primarily researches the physics of single polymer chains.   Polymer solutions, polymer melts and complex fluids are also investigated.  Computer simulations, theory and experiments are used to solve problems such as single chain deformations, the solvation of chains, the adsorption of chains at surfaces and interfaces, and electrophoresis of polyelectrolytes through ordered arrays.  Experiments make use of many different pieces of equipment including optical tweezers, atomic force microscopy and fluorescence microscopy.

Recently the group has collaborated with Prof Denis Evans and his research group.  As a team we have been able to perform several experiments that demonstrate the Fluctuation Theorem.  For more details about these experiments please go to the publications page for the original references.  Further FT experiments are currently being designed and performed.

The Group

The group currently consists of 6 members:

Dr Edie Sevick
Group Leader
Dr Genmiao Wang
Research Officer
Dr Ranganathan Prabhakar PostDoc [Web] [email]
Dr Stephen Martin PostDoc [Web] [email]
David Carberry PhD Student
[Web] [email]
James Reid
PhD Student

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