Solid State Structural Chemistry

Ray Withers

Group Leader, Solid State Chemistry

Contact Address

Prof. Ray Withers
Research School of Chemistry
Canberra, ACT, 0200
Fax: 61-2-6125-0750
Phone: 61-2-6125-3714
Research Interests:
The prime research interest of the Solid State Chemistry Group is the interplay between local crystal chemistry and longer range macroscopic order. We are particularly interested in the study of compositionally and/or displacively flexible materials (see e.g. Progress in Solid State Chemistry 26, 1-96, 1998) - wide range non-stoichiometric solid solutions, displacively flexible framework structures, incommensurately modulated structures, ferroic phases, tough ceramics, solid electrolytes ....
Some specific areas of recent research interest include:

We have an extensive solid state synthesis capability for growth of single crystal and powder specimens. Our principal experimental research tools are Transmission Electron Microscopy in combination with single crystal and powder diffraction.

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Updated 13th April 2004