Solid State Structural Chemistry

A Few Key Publications

An examination of the formation and characteristics of charge-density-waves in inorganic materials with special reference to the two- and one-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides.
R.L.Withers and J.A.Wilson
J.Phys.C 19, 4809-4845, 1986.

The structure and microstructure of a-cristobalite and its relationship to b-cristobalite.
R.L.Withers, J.G.Thompson and T.R.Welberry
Phys. Chem. Minerals 16, 517-523, 1989.

The crystal chemistry underlying ferroelectricity in Bi4Ti3O12, Bi3TiNbO9 and Bi2WO6.
R.L.Withers, J.G.Thompson and A.D.Rae
J.Solid State Chemistry 94, 404-417, 1991.

The tweed microstructure of a-PbO and its relationship to the low temperature improper ferroelastic phase transition
R.L.Withers, S.Schmid and J.D.Fitz Gerald
"Defects and Processes in the Solid State: Geoscience Applications" (Volume Eds.J.N.Boland and J.D.Fitz Gerald),
Elsevier, North Holland, 305 - 316, 1993.

An electron diffraction study of the polymorphs of SiO2-tridymite
R.L.Withers, J.G.Thompson, Y.Xiao and R.J.Kirkpatrick
Phys. Chem. Minerals 21, 421-433, 1994.

A composite modulated structure refinement of Zr9(N,O,F)20
S.Schmid and R.L.Withers
Acta Cryst.B 51, 746-753, 1995.

TEM studies of some structurally flexible solids and their associated phase transformations
R.L.Withers and J.G.Thompson
Chapter 13 in In situ Microscopy in Materials research (Ed. P.L.Gai) Kluwer, Boston, 301-330, 1997.

Compositionally and/or displacively flexible systems and their underlying crystal chemistry
R.L.Withers, S.Schmid and J.G.Thompson
Prog. in Solid State Chemistry 26, 1- 96, 1998.

Atomic Modulation Functions, Periodic Nodal Surfaces and the Three-dimensional Incommensurately Modulated (1-x)Bi2O3.xNb2O5, 0.06 < x < 0.23, solid solution
R.L.Withers, C.D.Ling and S.Schmid,
Zeitscrift für Kristallographie 214, 296-304, 1999.

Systematic structural change in selected rare earth oxide pyrochlores as determined by wide-angle CBED and a comparison with the results of atomistic computer simulation
Y.Tabira, R.L.Withers, L.Minervini and R.Grimes
J.Solid State Chem. 153, 16-25, 2000.

A TEM and RUM study of the inherent displacive flexibility of the fresnoite framework structure type.
Withers, R.L., Tabira, Y., Liu, Y. and Höche, T.  
Phys. Chem. Minerals 29, 624-632 (2002).

Oxygen/fluorine ordering, structured diffuse scattering and the local crystal chemistry of K3MoO3F3.
Withers, R.L., Welberry, T.R., Brink, F.J. and Norén, L. 
J.Solid State Chem. 170, 211–220 (2003).

 An analytical solution for the zero frequency hyperbolic RUM modes of distortion of SiO2-tridymite.
Withers, R.L. 
Solid State Sciences 5, 115-123 (2003).

Local crystal chemistry, induced strain and short range order in the cubic pyrochlore (Bi1.5–aZn0.5-b)(Zn0.5-gNb1.5-d)O(7-1.5a-b-g-2.5d) (BZN).
Withers,  R.L., Welberry, T.R., Larsson, A-K., Liu, Y., Norén, L., Rundlöf, H. and Brink, F.J.
J. Solid State Chem. 177, 231-244 (2004).

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