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The closing date in January 2018 will depend on the course chosen. Check the information available from the Oxford website from September 2017

Second BA

As described on Oxford University website, apply to UCAS by 15 October 2017 and once accepted apply for Oxford Australia Scholarship Fund from 4 January 2018 to 28 February 2018.

Please use the following link to apply for an Oxford Australia Scholarship
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The Oxford Australia Scholarship Fund was established in 1993 by donations from Australian Oxford graduates as part of the Oxford Thinking fund-raising process. Since 1998, the fund has grown and has made some ninety four awards to Australian scholars reading at the University of Oxford. The Newsletters below highlight their achievements.

To apply for an Oxford Australia Scholarship please use the following link
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Currently there are two mechanisms for an award of Oxford Australia Scholarship funding.

Firstly, the Oxford Australia Scholarship Fund partners with the University of Oxford's Clarendon Fund to provide all fees and a full grant for living expenses for the duration of a graduate course. One award is the James Fairfax Oxford Australia Clarendon award, a second is the Brasenose College Oxford Australia Clarendon award and a third is the Lincoln College Oxford Australia Clarendon award.

Secondly, College-linked Oxford Australia Scholarships will provide partial support for up to four Australians each year. Following application to Oxford, through either www.graduate.ox.ac.uk for postgraduate degrees, or www.UCAS.com for a second Bachelor degree, electronic applications for these Oxford Australia awards need to be made directly to the Oxford Australia Scholarship Committee.

As funds allow, the Scholarship Committee will award Scholarships from:

A Lincoln College Oxford Australia Fund is also open for donations.

Please click for more information if you wish to contribute to any of the Scholarships by an Australian tax deductible donation or through the ANU(UK) Foundation.


In addition to the usual Clarendon selection criteria, the Oxford Australia Clarendon partnership awardees will normally be selected on the following additional criteria:

- Holder of a first-class undergraduate degree

- No previous study overseas for an international degree

- Holder of an offer for a full-time course at the University of Oxford

To be considered for the College and other James Fairfax Oxford Australia Scholarships, you need to:

- Apply through Oxford University's online application system by the relevant January deadline to start a full time Master's or DPhil course;

- Be an Australian national, ordinarily resident in Australia and whose academic record is from an Australian university.

- As part of your application, you need to provide full official documentary evidence of your relevant academic performance, together with three referee reports and a sample of your writing (maximum 10 pages).

You also need to provide a supplementary document describing your reasons for applying for this course of study and outlining your future career plans and intentions (maximum 1 page).

For full details of the graduate course application process for the University of Oxford, please visit www.graduate.ox.ac.uk.

To find out more about the Clarendon Fund, please visit www.clarendon.ox.ac.uk.

For more information on each specific Scholarship, please follow the links above.

More information about current Scholars and Alumni is in the annual Newsletters:

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