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Configuration Files for Dialing into OzEmail using PPP under Linux



To avoid unwanted options being used, delete or rename any ~/.ppprc and /etc/ppp/options.tty-name files.
Note: if you are not using the "pppd call ozemail" method of dialing in, you will probably need to remove the auth line.


# Communication device file specifying the serial port where modem is located:

# Serial line speed to use to talk to the modem from the computer.

# Use hardware (RTS/CTS) data flow control on the serial port

# The peer will not authenticate itself.

# Add a default route.

# How to establish the serial connection.
connect 'chat -v -f /etc/ppp/ozemail-chat'

# The PAP authentication name to use in /etc/ppp/pap-secrets
user amcbeal

Substitute your OzEmail account name for amcbeal.


"" AT
OK "ATDT 62578155"

Of course 62578155 is the Canberra phone number of OzEmail.
This is the script you are most likely to need to modify if you are using these instructions to connect to a service provider other than OzEmail. The Canberra OzEmail phone number for the new network which uses CHAP is 62617444. I haven't checked the 62578155 number recently. The chat-ppp0 script on the netcfg page is another example of a chat script. You can copy that script to /etc/ppp/ozemail-chat and it will work as well. There is another example script which might give you some ideas, but will get ANU users onto the wrong subnet.


# Secrets for authentication using PAP
# client        server  secret                  IP addresses
amcbeal         *       ca1op3x

Change the client and secret to your OzEmail username and password. The asterisk in the server column tells it to use the same client and secret for all servers. If you want to connect to the network that uses CHAP, you'll still need pap-secrets, but change "client" to your complete email address as shown below:

# Secrets for authentication using PAP
# client        server  secret                  IP addresses         *       ca1op3x


You'll need to set this up if you want to connect to the network that uses CHAP, but it is not needed if you're connecting to the PAP network. The username is your email address.

# Secrets for authentication using CHAP
# username      server  secret                  IP addresses
""        *       "ca1op3x"
*               ""        "ca1op3x"



If your ISP isn't OzEmail you will of course need to find out the IP address of a nameserver you can use. You can still establish a ppp connection without a resolv.conf but instead of typing something like
netscape   you would have to know the IP number ...
netscape http://123.456.7.89/

The search line tells the operating system what network to look in for unqualified host names. So for example if you type
telnet fred
your computer will attempt to connect to Without the search line you would just get a message saying that fred is an unknown host.

Also check /etc/nsswitch.conf and make sure the hosts: line looks like this...

hosts:      files dns
This tells it to first try to look a hostname up in /etc/hosts, and if it doesn't find it there, to try DNS. The nsswitch.conf file in some versions of linux contains a lot of nisplus rubbish by default. It is a good idea to change all lines like
hosts:      files nisplus nis dns
services:   nisplus [NOTFOUND=return] files
to this:
hosts:      files dns
services:   files
...unless you are really using NIS, since they slow your computer down.

Finally, if you have problems with DNS you can avoid having to type some IP addresses by putting frequently used ones in /etc/hosts. For example       localhost       localhost.localdomain    leonard

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