Post-Graduate Career Development, Education and Training

Founders’ Commemoration Lectures

Craig Graduate Lecture Series - Professor Christopher Abell, Biological Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK, presented in 2002

Birch Lecturer: Professor Sir Harry Kroto FRS, University of Sussex, School of Chemistry


PhD Degrees Awarded and Present Employment of Graduates

Dr Joanne R. Adams BSc Flinders
Complexes of Divalent and Trivalent Ruthenium Incorporating Tethered Arenes
Supervisor:   Professor M.A. Bennett
Currently:   Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, ACT
Dr Martha E.H. Bernardo BS Ateneo de Manila GradDipSci ANU
Stereoselective Biomethylation of Arsenic and Resolution of Arsines and Phosphines
Supervisor: Professor S.B. Wild
Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, Karl-Franzens University, Austria
Dr Nicolle Habermehl BSc ANU
Asymmetric Transformation of a Dinuclear, Double-Stranded Helicate
Supervisor: Professor S.B. Wild
Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Dr Samir M.A. Hamdan BS Yarmouk MS W Michigan
Structural Basis for Proofreading during Replication of the Escherichia coli Chromosome
Supervisor: Dr N.E. Dixon
Currently: Harvard Medical School
Dr Thanh Phuoc Le BSc Cantho Vietnam MSc Amsterdam
Partial Synthesis of 11β-Hydorxylated Gibberellins
Supervisor: Professor L.N. Mander
Currently: Cantho University Vietnam
Dr Xing Hua Ma BSc Hanzhong ME Dalian China
Chemoenzymatic Syntheses of Rare Carbohydrates from Non-carbohydrate Precursors
Supervisor: Professor M.G. Banwell
Currently: Technical Officer, RSC
Dr Stephen B. McNabb BSc Canterbury NZ
The Asymmetric Synthesis of Novel Amino Acid Derivatives
Supervisor: Professor C.J. Easton
Currently: JSPS Postdoctoral Postdoctoral Fellow, Kobe Pharmaceutical University
Dr James Murphy BSc Canterbury NZ
Structure and activation of the common β-subunit of the human IL-3, IL-5 and GM-CSF receptors
Supervisor: Dr D.L. Ollis
Currently: C.J. Martin Fellow, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Toronto
Dr Hideki Onagi BSc Western Sydney BSc Hons ANU
Cyclodextrins as Building Blocks for Supramolecular Chemistry
Supervisor: Professor C.J. Easton
Currently: The Scripps Research Institute, California
Dr Regan Thomson BSc Auckland Hons ANU
Total Synthesis of Sordaricin
Supervisor: Professor L.N. Mander
Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
Dr Chunji Zhao BSc Changchun MSc Beijing
Biologically Active Natural Products from Australian Terrestrial Invertebrates
Supervisor: Professor R.W. Rickards
Currently: Tianjin University, China

MPhil Degree Awarded

Mr Michael L. Zuckerman BSc Adelaide
Protease Resistant Insecticidal Proteins for Controlling Helicoverpa spp.
Supervisor: Dr D.L. Ollis
Currently: Crown Scientific, ACT

Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Fellows and Fellows-Completions and Destinations

The School provides one of the very best environments for the education and research training of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Our interest in their welfare extends well beyond the time spent at the RSC, in part through a comprehensive alumni program. Although the School was founded only thirty-three years ago, many of our alumni now occupy senior positions in academia, government and industry, both in Australia and overseas.

Dr Mark Coster accepted an appointment as lecturer in the School of Chemistry, University of Sydney

Dr Robert Doyle accepted an appointment at Yale University, USA

Dr Fiona Fry accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at Exeter University, UK

Dr Rama Heidara accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at the JCSMR

Dr David Henry accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at RMIT, Melbourne

Dr Brian Kelly accepted an appointment as Postdoctoral Fellow at the Victorian College of Pharmacy, Melbourne

Dr Pierre Kempgens accepted an appointment as Postdoctoral Fellow, City University of New York, USA

Dr Sindra Peterson accepted an appointment as Assistant Professor, Division of Biochemistry, Chemical Centre, Lund University, Sweden

Dr Janka Petravic has accepted an appointment as ARC Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, University of Sydney

Dr Barry Prince has accepted an appointment as a New Zealand Science and Technology Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Canterbury, NZ

Dr Genmiao Wang accepted an appointment as a Research Officer with Dr Edith Sevick, RSC


Research Students

    Alan Sargeson Merit Scholarship = ASM
    Australian Postgraduate Award = APA
    Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry) = APAI
    ANU Graduate School Scholarship = GSS
    Co-funded ANU Graduate School/Research School of Chemistry = GSS/RSC
    ANU PhD Scholarship = ANUPhD
    International Postgraduate Research Scholarship = IPRS
    Cotton Research Development Corporation = CRDC
    University-Industry Linkages in Chemistry = UnIChe
    ANU PhD Scholarship = ANUPhD
    Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst e.V. = DAAD

Abraham, Mark BSc Tasmania  
Adams, Joanne R. BSc Flinders  
Bancia, Bogdan Dipl Cuza Univ Iasi, Romania ANUPhD
Baranyai, Krisztian J BSc MSc Monash ANUPhD
Barbiellini, Roberta BHSc Griffith APA
Barr, Lorna BSc Strathclyde ANUPhD
Barratt, Brendon BSc Deakin ANUPhD
Barrett, Elizabeth S. BSc Sydney APA
Beck, Daniel BSc RMIT APA
Brink, Franciscus J. BAppSc South Australia MAppSc LaTrobe  
Caldwell, Lorraine M. BSc Queensland GSS/RSC
Carberry, David M. BSc BEng Hons ANU ANUPhD
Cayzer, Tory N. BSc Sydney APA
Chand, Satish BSc USP MSc Macquarie ANUPhD
Chow, Leonie BSc Melbourne APA
Cieslinski, Marta M. BSc Adelaide GSS/RSC
Crow, James MChem Sussex ANUPhD
Dawson, Ryan E. BSc Adelaide ANUPhD
Debono, Lesley BSc New South Wales ANUPhD
Dewhurst, Rian D. BSc Canterbury, NZ ANUPhD
Dumanski, Paul BAppSc RMIT Hons Victoria UTech APAI
Duncan, Alexander H. BSc Macquarie  
Evenhuis, Christian R. BSc Tasmania APA
Fairweather, Kelly A. BSc Auckland Hons ANU APA
Friend, Martin P. BSc Murdoch APAI
Gebara-Coghlan, Mariana BSc Sydney Hons ANU
Habermehl, Nicolle C. BSc ANU
Harfoot, Gwion BSc MSc Waikato GSS/VC
Harvey, Michael J. MSc Waikato ANUPhD
Hughes, Joseph L. BSc ANU GSS/RSC
Hutt, Oliver E. BSc Otago, NZ Hons ANU ANUPhD
Jackson, Colin J. BSc Otago, NZ GSS/RSC
Jergic, Slobodan Assoc in Sc La Guardia Coll NY Bachelor’s Belgrade ANUPhD
Jury, Jasmine C. BSc Massey ANUPhD
Kanizaj, Nicholas BSc PGDip Qld ANUPhD
Karunaratne, Ochitha BAppSc RMIT APA
Kitto, Heather J. BSc Canterbury, NZ GSS/RSC
Kokas, Okanya J. BBiotech Qld ANU PhD
Krenske, Elizabeth H. BSc Queensland APA/VC
Kubik, Maria E. BA Qld BAppSc Canberra GSS
Kwan, Ching H.L. BSc/BCA Victoria U Wellington MSc LSE UK GSS
Le, Thanh Phuoc BSc Cantho Vietnam MSc Amsterdam ANUPhD
Li, Iris H.W. BSc Auckland ANUPhD
Loong, David T.J. BTech (ChemTech) Massey ANUPhD
Loscha, Karin V. BSc MSc Göttingen ANUPhD/DAAD
Lupton, David W. BSc Adelaide GSS/VC
Ma, Xing H. BSc Hanzhong ME Dalian, China APAI
Margerison, Samuel A. BSc Canterbury, NZ  
Miller, Natalie A. BSc Sydney ANUPhD
Mortimer, Adam J. BSc Wollongong  
Mulcair, Mark BSc Monash ANUPhD
Murphy, James M. BSc Canterbury, NZ GSS
O'Connor, Patrick D. BSc Massey GSS
Park Ah Young BSc Victoria U Wellington Hons ANU ANUPhD
Pearson, Emma L. BSc UWA ANUPhD
Perriman, Adam W. BSc James Cook ANUPhD
Philbrook, Amy A. BSc Maine UnIChe
Phillis, Andrew T. BSc MSc Waikato ANUPhD
Reid, James C. BSc LLB Victoria U Wellington GSS
Sandala, Gregory M. BSc Windsor ANUPhD
Scott, Andrew J. BSc Sydney APA
Sharp, Lisa A. BSc Sydney APA
Smith, Michael H. BSc Melbourne Hons Sydney  
Stanislawski, Pauline C. BSc Monash ANUPhD
Stevenson, Bradley J. BSc Lincoln, NZ GSS/VC
Sydnes, Magne CandMag CandSc Oslo ANUPhD
Taylor, Rebecca M. BSc MSc Waikato ANUPhD
Thomson, Regan J. BSc Auckland Hons ANU  
Ting, Valeska P. BSciTech Victoria U Wellington ANUPhD
Tsai, Yi-Chin C. BSc Canterbury, NZ ANUPhD
Tshabang, Never BSc Botswana MSc Sussex U Botswana 
Warr, Rebecca J. BSc Canterbury, NZ GSS
Watts, Zachary I. BApplSc RMIT ANUPhD
Wells, Kerrina BSc ANU ANUPhD
Wood, Geoffrey P.F. BSc Canterbury, NZ GSS
Yu McLoughlin, Sean BSc James Cook ANUPhD
Zuckerman, Michael L. BSc Adelaide CRDC-CSIRO


Visiting Scholars

As part of the recruitment program the School hosts international and Australian scholars for a visit of two to six months to undertake research projects with individual staff members. In most instances the project formed part of their course requirements and the scholars were supported by their home institution:
Bluechel, Mr Christian Diss Federal Institute of Tech, Zurich     M.G. Banwell
Bossmann, Ms Katrin Dipl Humboldt N.E. Dixon
Depraz-Depland, Ms Adeline MSc Pierre and Marie Curie C.J. Easton
Floegel, Mr Oliver PhD Free U Berlin M.G. Banwell
Hanner, Ms Martina Dipl Leipzig S.B. Wild
Hau, Mr Tran V. PhD Cantho L.N. Mander
Helmstedt, Ms Ulrike Dipl Leipzig S.B. Wild
Hoecher, Mr Thomas PhD Leipzig S.B. Wild
Hopf, Ms Amber PhD Purdue L.N. Mander
Knottenbelt, Ms Sushilla PhD York G.A. Heath
La Fontaine, Mr Alexandre Dipl Paris-Sud, Orsay P.A. Reynolds
Netzloff, Ms Heather PhD Iowa State L. Radom
Olson, Mr Ryan PhD Iowa State L. Radom/A. Rendell
Plath, Mr Matthias PhD Free U Berlin M.G. Banwell
Polster, Mr Uwe PhD Leipzig S.B. Wild
Rintelman, Ms Jamie PhD Iowa State L. Radom
Rosier, Mr Nicolas Dipl Paris-Sud, Orsay M.J. Henderson
Somphon, Ms Weenawan PhD Suranaree Utech A.D. Rae
Suennemann, Mr Hans PhD Goettingen M.G. Banwell


Honours Scholars

The following students undertook joint Honours projects with the School and the Chemistry Department, The Faculties:
Abernethy, Ms Robyn BSc Massey A.F. Hill/M.G. Humphrey
Wu, Mr Peter BAppSci Queensland UTech G. Otting/R.A. Barrow

Summer Scholar Program

Summer Research Scholarships for eight to ten weeks, from November to February 2003-2004, were awarded to twenty-seven undergraduate students from Australia and New Zealand. All were involved in research projects with individual staff members:
Addison-Jones, Ms Jennifer Newcastle M.S. Sherburn
Austin, Ms Kerrie Auckland M.G. Banwell
Bartlett, Mr Michael Curtin Utech A.F. Hill
Beare, Ms Kaitlin Sydney M.L. Coote
Clayton, Ms Kylie New South Wales M.A. Keniry
Crossman, Ms Julia Flinders M.G. Banwell
Flening, Ms Eleanor Unsw G. Otting
Geyer, Mr Paul Curtin Utech D.J. Evans
Goodwin, Ms Shelley Griffith M.S. Sherburn
Hawley, Mr Adrian Melbourne J.W. White
Henderson, Mr Luke Griffith A.F. Hill
Jones, Mr Seth Canterbury M.A. Collins
Kasprzyk, Ms Milena Flinders C.J. Easton
Kilah, Mr Nathan Queensland S.B. Wild
Kitching, Ms Jacki Wollongong L.N. Mander
Lockhart-Gillett, Mr Bryce Tasmania E.R. Krausz
Man, Mr Bradley New South Wales G. Otting
Mckerchar, Ms Hannah Canterbury D.L. Ollis
Pearson, Mr David Canterbury M.A. Collins
Pedretti, Mr Nathan Rmit C.J. Easton
Pok, Mr Wilson Sydney T.R. Welberry
Steinwendler, Ms Anja Edith Cowan N.E. Dixon/D.L. Ollis
Thornberry, Ms Rebecca Anu N.E. Dixon
Watson, Mr Morgan Canterbury D.L. Ollis
Wray, Ms Helen Flinders N.E. Dixon
Yu, Ms Chung-Yen Anu S.B. Wild
Zampese, Ms Jennifer Canterbury G.A. Heath


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